Funerals & Memorial Services

Personal, meaningful ceremonies conducted by caring, professional celebrants

As former Registrars, we gained our Certificate in the Law and Practice of Registration (Births, Deaths & Marriages).  We have many years’ experience and training in dealing with the recently bereaved; meaning you are in the safest of hands.

Over the years, Funeral Services have become more focused upon the individual, their personality and beliefs.  We believe that a Funeral Service should be a unique and meaningful tribute which celebrates the life of your loved one and offers comfort to those bereaved by their loss.

We conduct Funeral Services for those of any faith and of course for those without any form of religious belief.  We don’t ask that you identify with any particular belief system or religion.  We firmly believe that a Funeral Service should reflect the wishes and beliefs of the individual and should not be dictated by the person conducting the Service.  We simply respect your wishes, those of your loved one, and will work with you to ensure that the Service wholly reflects this.

Types of Funeral Service We Provide

We understand that many people may not count themselves as religious but still hold some form of spiritual belief.  Equally others may not have a live Church connection or may feel it would not be appropriate to approach a member of Clergy regarding the possibility of conducting a funeral for their loved one, for a variety of personal reasons.

As Independent Funeral Celebrants, we offer non-religious, semi-religious and religious Funeral Services.  Unlike secular ceremonies (e.g. Humanist), our Funeral Services can include religious/ spiritual content, prayers, readings, hymns and Psalms if desired.  Alternatively, we can offer completely secular Funeral Services with absolutely no religious content.

We strive to provide a caring and professional service which offers flexibility and freedom of choice at a very difficult time.

Order of the Funeral Service

The Funeral Service usually consists of Opening Music, a Welcome and Introduction followed by Words of Condolence and Comfort.  You may wish to include a reading or piece of poetry at this point.

The main tribute to your loved one takes the form of the Eulogy.  The Eulogy can be read by us or by a family member or friend if they feel able.

After the Eulogy, there will often be a moment of quiet reflection or (if requested) prayer before proceeding to The Committal.  The Committal is usually followed by a piece of music, poetry, a hymn or prayer.  The Service is then closed with concluding words followed by the playing of a piece of music.

As we believe that your loved one’s Funeral Service should reflect their life and unique personality, the order and content of their Funeral Service is flexible and can be changed.  You can be confident that we will listen to you and work with you to form a fitting and memorable tribute to your loved one and their memory.  If you wish, we can help you to choose suitable readings and music in order to make the Service a meaningful and personal one.

We offer a friendly, supportive and personal service and will maintain ongoing contact with you from our initial meeting through to the day of the Funeral.

If at any time you find you have a question about your loved one’s Funeral Service or would just like to check something, we are only ever a phone call or email away.