About Our Ceremonies

We conduct non-religious, semi-religious and religious ceremonies. We believe in inclusion and diversity and don’t ask that you subscribe to any particular belief system nor do we stipulate that you join a belief group or any other organisation. We do not promote a particular belief system (religious or otherwise) within your ceremony.

We believe that your ceremony should wholly reflect your wishes and beliefs and if desired the beliefs of your loved ones and those who mean the most to you.

We simply take you as you are, respect your personal beliefs and help you to build your ceremony around them, whilst taking into account your own unique personality and wishes.

We will work with you to ensure that your ceremony meets your expectations in every way. We pride ourselves in offering flexibility and freedom of choice which ensures that you get the day you dreamed of.

Whether you desire a grand, lavish ceremony or an intimate, low-key gathering we are here to help make your day a joyful and memorable occasion.

We also help you plan your ceremony, whatever the occasion, offering advice and recommendations on the various aspects that will combine to create your special day.

We believe in unity in diversity, equality and freedom of choice and freedom of expression.